Fenbendazole has been safely used for decades as a broad spectrum anthelmentic for animals. Almost 50 years ago, it was discovered that fenbendazole had remarkable healing potential. Researchers found it to be an extremely effective microtubulin disruptor in rogue cells that were detrimental to the body.  It was found to also have the ability to repair mitochondria and protect cells from oxidative stress by inducing HMGB1. Even with all of this potential, fenbendazole was sadly overlooked due to it's poor absorption in the body. Typically up to 98% of the compound stays in the digestive tract while plasma concentrations stay extremely low.

Thus, we embarked on a mission to find a solution to the absorption/bioavailability issue so that fenbendazole could become vastly more effective in the fight against disease. Fenben BIO is an exciting new product unlike any other. We used years of scientific research and cutting edge laboratory techniques to create our advanced cellular delivery system making it infinitely more effective than other fenbendazole preparations.

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